We do full colour digital printed vinyl labels. Any shape, any size and any quantity. The labels are plastic, so it is 100% waterproof. These labels can be used
on all types of packaging and containers and bags. For glass bottles, plastic bottles, carton boxes and plastic bags.
We can offer you a matt finish, a glossy look and even transparent.

So what information do we need so that you can have the perfect and correct label?

Size: we recommend to measure the space where you want to place the label, weather it be round, oval, square or rectangular. We can also provide
you with irregular shapes or rounded corners. Sometimes it’s best to bring the packaging or product to our office and we can assist you in
finding the correct spot, size and look.

Info/Graphics: this is what must be printed on the label. Words, shapes, photos, logos, whatever you want. Even barcodes. Think of what colour
background you want and what colour text you need. Also think of fonts and if you need any graphics, like a photo or a clipart picture to better illustrate
the message you want to bring over to your client. The more info you supply us with, the better and quicker we can help you.

Quantity: how many labels do you want? We do not print on sheets, we print on wide rolls. So leave the amount of labels to “fit” in the width to us.
Just concentrate on the quantity you need. From 10 labels to 800 000, we’ll fit it in.

Extra tips: when selling different products you can either have a specially designed label for each one, or the same label for all of the products,
with an extra label distinguishing between the different products. We recommend a combination of the two - a “generic” template containing your
logo, slogan (if you have one) and contact details. This information would be the same for all the labels. Then for each product you can have it’s own name,
description, colour, picture, table of contents (if nessecary) and barcode (if needed). Even if you have a hundred products, it does not matter. Once we
have the layout on our system, it is only a matter of ordering and printing. Easy.

Our staff can help with the design and layout, but having the above information in mind can speed up the process tremendously.